non-EU citizens

Greece Golden Visa for non-EU citizens  

Citizens of certain non-European Union countries such as the USA, Canada and Australia can stay in Greece without a visa, as long as they do not stay more than 90 days in a 180 days period.All other non-EU citizens will need a visa to enter Greece in the first place.
And if these non-EU citizens are planning to live in Greece, they must apply for the relevant residence permit from the Greek Consulate in their country of origin or in their country of residence before arriving in Greece. (You can check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see the full list of which country nationals need/ don't need a visa to enter Greece.) 

 How to get a Greek residency visa fast and easy

Non-EU citizens who buy a property or more than one property in Greece with the minimum value of 250,000 Euro can benefit from the new and accelerated procedure for obtaining a Permanent Residence (PR) Permit in Greece and the new positive changes to the Greek Investment Immigration Program.
​The Greek Government introduced changes to its existing permanent residency program.
The new rules allow three generations of family members to benefit from the visa by investment program.

In other words, an investment of just 250,000 Euro in real estate will provide the investor, his/her spouse and their children of maximum 21-years old with a five years renewable residency visa.

There is no minimum stay requirement for Permanent Residency applicants with the Greek Permanent Residency Program. 

Greece is a member of the EU Schengen visa zone, so when you have this Greek residency permit, which is also called Greece Golden Visa, you will be allowed to travel throughout the European Union.

 All EU citizens and permanent residents enjoy full rights and privileges as EU citizens, including the right to establish residency, buy property, open and run a business in Greece.

The new changes will also allow the non-EU investor to sell his/her property to another foreign citizen, and transfer the residency permit together with the property.

​The Greek Permanent Residence Permit can be obtained in about 2 months and can indefinitely be renewed every 5 years as long as the non-EU buyer does not sell off the property in this period.

​Cooperating with us, we can help you find your holiday or permanent home as well as investment properties. These properties, in highly touristic areas, have the ability to earn rental income during the touristic season.​

Benefits of Permanent Residence Permit in Greece

  • Greece is a member of European Union and the Schengen Zone of Europe, and your Greek Golden Visa will enable you to travel freely through Europe.
  • In Greece the cost of living is lower compared to the rest of Europe.
  • As a Greek Golden Visa holder, you will have the right to the much lower tuition costs in European countries because you will be considered as a Permanent Resident of a European country.
  • Greece has a very high standard for education. There are excellent English speaking private elementary and high schools. These schools are directly linked to the overseas educational institutions.
  • Greek Golden Visa applies to the wife or husband and all children at the age of 21 or under.
  • Great investment: rising property prices, high capital gains, growing rentals.
  • Enjoy a sunny life! (Greece has more than 320 sunny days a year)
  • Unequalled beauty and diversity in landscape and vegetation.
  • 428 blue – flagged beaches & 16,000 km of coastline.
  • Unique 'island hoping' – 6,000 islands and isles.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities & sports of all kinds.
  • World's healthiest diet – exquisite local cuisine and wines.
  • Friendly and hospitable people, relaxed lifestyle.
  • Rich history & culture – innumerable sites of interest.
  • Vivid modern life (culture & social).
  • Advanced infrastructure & expertise in professional services.
  • Excellent medical facilities.
  • Excellent domestic transport connections.

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