About us

QPS is one of the fastest growing real estate agencies in Crete. Since 2006, we have painstakingly searched for, filtered and collected some of the best properties in central Crete, to make sure that we take you home.

We operate on an international level, having cultivated strong alliances with third-party real estate agencies both in Crete and abroad to create a powerful network at your disposal. 

Yet, our exclusive portfolio of premium houses and plots of land is not the only thing that sets us apart. Our experience has shown that what really makes the difference for buyers (and in turn for sellers) is how quickly and straightforwardly they can take hold of their new property. This requires flawless documentation and a substantial amount of working hours in dealing with bureaucracy. And it is work that has already been done for you. 

Quality, honesty, trust and closeness. These are the values we have been operating by since the very beginning and the pillars of our success. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from. The only thing that matters is who and where you want to be. Use the experience and know-how of one of the best real estate agencies in Crete to get there, like hundreds of buyers and sellers before you.

QPS is the child of Iakovos Diamantakis, one of the top accredited Real Estate Agents in the island of Crete. Iakovos has a long academic career and an even longer professional experience. He holds a Tourism Degree from the Greek Tourism Organization in    Rhodes, a National Vocational Qualification Certificate from Midkent College and a Certificate on Union Credit, while before becoming a real estate agent he worked for British Airways and Swissport Hellas Sud.  

In 2006 he founded his own Real Estate Agency with him as the leading Real Estate Agent and Operations Manager. His dream is to bring new energy in the real estate business; bring back the trust, the professionalism and the dedication that is evidently needed. Iakovos is a believer. Mishaps do not bend him. He believes that even in the hardest conjuncture there are opportunities to be found. And this is exactly how he does business. 

Most of all he is a father and a husband. He never misses a chance to spend time with his family, unless… he is with his beloved friends.

If you come across Iakovos in the farthest corner of Crete, don’t be surprised. He is always searching for new experiences, especially if they involve tasting Cretan Cuisine. 

You know what they say though… behind every successful man there is a strong and clever woman. 

Michaela Costacescu has been working for QPS for the last 5 years and she is the guts, the resourcefulness and the kindness behind Iakovos and the agency.

Michaela comes from Timisoara, Romania, and she is a powerful lawyer, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Timisoara and a Master’s Degree in High Comparative European Studies from the Department of Law of the same institution.

After working in her home city for 7 years as a lawyer, she decided to come to Crete to finish her Ph.D. That was a defining decision in her life. She fell in love with the island and the people of Crete and devoted her life to fulfilling the dream of those who share the same love.

When she is not searching or showing properties to clients, she does what every woman does: shopping. She also likes meeting new people. (Please, do not be intimidated. She will never throw the lawyer look on you. She is actually the most inviting and pleasing person to talk to.