Why should I invest in Crete?

Crete is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and the largest island of Greece. Still, the word “island” hardly describes it since the size, the history, the multifaceted landscape and the diverse cultural background of Crete will make you feel like you are on a whole new continent. Thousands of miles of beaches, hundreds of villages, numerous archaeological sites and natural attractions wait for you to explore them. But it’s the people that you will love the most. After all, Crete is the Mediterranean heart.

How do I cope with bureaucracy?

You don’t. It has already been taken care of. Knowing that the most important inhibitor for investing in Crete (and all over Greece for that matter) is dealing with bureaucracy, we have put most of our effort and time resources into putting together all necessary documentation for each and every property that we decide to manage, so as to facilitate the investment and selling process.

What should I look for in a real estate agency?

Start with trust. As elementary as this might sound, it is the most important factor to consider. Further, look for an agency that has the necessary skills and experience to guide you through the process not just through their property list; there is much more in investing or selling than the mere attributes of the property. And trust us, this is where most deals shipwreck. Exclusive management of properties is also very important, since it sets the real estate agency apart. Finally, do your part: be thorough in your search, compare prices and never fall for the cheapest, there is always a disadvantage they have deliberately withheld from you.

Why should I trust your real estate agency?

QPS has strategically put its focus not only on building a competitive property portfolio but also on managing all those factors associated with the investment or selling process. From second one, you will realize that we operate more like consultants and less like real estate agents, guiding you through every step, underlining every detail.

Further, over the years we have painstakingly searched for, filtered and collected some of the best properties in central Crete, to make sure that we take you home. We operate on an international level, having cultivated strong alliances with third-party real estate agencies both in Crete and abroad to create a powerful network at your disposal.